Thanksgiving: The One Thing We Add to the Gospel

Every year as the holidays approach, I take a break from whatever book I’m preaching through and turn to something completely different. For instance, last year I preached a series entitled “A Very Reformed Christmas”, preaching a text from the Christmas narrative each week of Advent and pairing it with one of the five solasContinue reading “Thanksgiving: The One Thing We Add to the Gospel”

To My White Brothers and Sisters, for MLK Day

(Written January 2016.) I just got home from a rousing three hour service at Miller Chapel AME Church. It was my first time attending an MLK Day service. It’s a holiday that has always felt to me like President’s Day or Labor Day–another Monday off from school in honor of an important figure from theContinue reading “To My White Brothers and Sisters, for MLK Day”

Lent: ‘Be Ye Imitators…’

(Brian Preston is the Pastor at Bush River Baptist Church in Newberry, SC.  He graduated with an M.Div. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he has particular interest in Early Church History and the Church Fathers.) Among my Christian friends on Facebook I’ve recently seen comments, pros and cons, regarding the season of lent. PleaseContinue reading “Lent: ‘Be Ye Imitators…’”

Looking Back: A Thanksgiving Reflection

As we all wake up with eater’s guilt–or have already been awake for many hours and are just returning home with shopper’s guilt–Thanksgiving slowly drifts into the memory bank of holidays-of-years-past.  However, before we let this Thanksgiving go to usher in the Christmas season, let us take a moment to reflect. Last night, our familyContinue reading “Looking Back: A Thanksgiving Reflection”