Local Pastor Forgets Altar Call, 3 Souls Locked Out of Heaven

(Heads up, this is a satire piece! As in, not real.) Greer, SC–Congregants of Fourth Baptist Church were particularly whispery after Sunday service this past weekend. Attendees didn’t want to name names, but several members were “disturbed that Pastor Frank Trimble intentionally disregarded the altar call.” Members believe at least three souls may have beenContinue reading “Local Pastor Forgets Altar Call, 3 Souls Locked Out of Heaven”

‘Chef’s Table’ at Christ and Pop Culture

I had the privilege to work with Christ and Pop Culture on an in-depth analysis of Netflix Original Chef’s Table. It’s a fascinating mini-series that looks at six world-class chefs. Here’s a snippet: In a food-frenzied entertainment culture, the Netflix original Chef’s Table (2015) stands out as a mini-series where food isn’t merely food. With Season 2Continue reading “‘Chef’s Table’ at Christ and Pop Culture”

Eight Trinitarian Triads in Romans 1:1-9

I was working through this opening introduction with a friend, and we discovered these triads cleverly hidden/not-so-hidden in the first several verses of Paul’s magnum opus, the book of Romans. I’ve counted eight times when Paul references all three persons of the Trinity in quick succession. It’s important to realize that some of these don’tContinue reading “Eight Trinitarian Triads in Romans 1:1-9”

Baptists, Let’s Use God-Ordained Methods of Sheep-Retention

Baptists have found themselves in an interesting quandary. It’s the name we go by, so you’d think we were in agreement on the doctrine of baptism, considering we hold convictions that separate us from nearly every other denomination in the world. I don’t believe I speak out of turn when I say most Baptists disagree withContinue reading “Baptists, Let’s Use God-Ordained Methods of Sheep-Retention”

“One Meaning Per Verse, Please”: The Failure of Modern Interpretation

As conservative Christians exegetes, we have spent the past century making our own bed, now we are being laid to rest in it. We have taught and advocated a strict grammatical-historical approach that boils Biblical interpretation down to a scientific method. Input a Scripture, run it through the schema–(1) exegete, (2) interpret, (3) apply–and outputContinue reading ““One Meaning Per Verse, Please”: The Failure of Modern Interpretation”