The Church Doesn’t Need Millennials

The Church will prevail–even without millennials. In the back and forth between pollsters and Christians, I feel something needs to be said: Jesus doesn’t need millennials to build his Church. Churches are freaking out about how they are missing the next generation in their pews. It’s enough to make one wonder if Jesus has actually droppedContinue reading “The Church Doesn’t Need Millennials”

A World Without Women Is ‘Not Good’

Woman was created to fill a gaping hole in the order of Creation. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Yet planets and twinkling stars, oceans teeming with iridescent fish, land covered with fruitful vegetation, and a Garden tended by a powerful man were declared not good by their Creator–all because woman was absent.Continue reading “A World Without Women Is ‘Not Good’”

He Knew, And Yet He Created

Genesis 1:1.  The cleanest verse in the Bible.  As the story of mankind begins, the reader meets the Maker of all things: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  It’s so simple, yet it is so profound.  It answers so many questions about the universe, yet poses so many more.  As aContinue reading “He Knew, And Yet He Created”

Ad Free Is Not So Free

I was mortified today when I noticed someone had clicked through this link from my site:  As a relatively new WordPress user, I was totally unaware that free WordPress sites would “occasionally” contain ads to help cover the costs of hosting the blog.  Being the naive and well-intentioned person that I am, I assumed thereContinue reading “Ad Free Is Not So Free”

The Pastoral “Three-Year Glitch”: Ecclesiological Divorce

As I prepare this week to preach from Matthew 5:21-32, I have been thinking about divorce.  Having only pastored for five months, other pastors always say to me, “Oh, you’re still in the honeymoon phase!”  They mean well, and they’re being honest.  A pastor’s ministry in a church is quite similar to a marriage inContinue reading “The Pastoral “Three-Year Glitch”: Ecclesiological Divorce”