Here we go.


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Here we go.

1. I am a Pastor at College Street Baptist Church in Newberry, SC.

2. I have no illusions about notoriety, readership, or fame.  These brief machinations are mainly for my own personal growth; read them at your own risk.

3. I promise to myself and any poor soul who may stumble into this journal that I will seek to avoid pretentiousness.  I will not put on.

4. I realize putting anything into print is in some senses binding, and I pray that God will guard my tongue from evil.

5. I know, like Paul, that I have not arrived, nor have I already obtained–God help me if this is all I get.  I am sure I will disagree with most of what I write in just a few years time.

6. This blog is meant to be an incubator for ideas, thoughts, and inklings.  I will not write my entire worldview into every post, so don’t assume I have.  If it ain’t there, it doesn’t mean I don’t believe it.

7. This blog is for the purpose of knowing God better so that I can glorify him more.