Praying for Cattle Instead of Sheep

I’m not going to go into all the details, but the past six months have been a stretching experience at the small church where I pastor. Many other small-town pastors can attest, finances are precarious at best at churches our size. Some time in the late summer 2016 as things were getting tighter and tighter, IContinue reading “Praying for Cattle Instead of Sheep”

New Post at Desiring God

Have you ever noticed that you have a tendency to share with others about problems, trials, and tragedies, but you are less inclined to share the joys in your life? Why is that? I explore one purpose behind your personal joy in “Your Joy Soothes Another’s Grief” at Desiring God this week: “…What pastors experience acutelyContinue reading “New Post at Desiring God”

I Was a Lost Pinky Toe in College

The college semester is back in session, and our church is seeking to minister to the flood of students who descended upon the liberal arts college a couple of blocks down the road. At 30, I am already beginning to feel that drift, as the gulf of experience between me and these young men andContinue reading “I Was a Lost Pinky Toe in College”