Why Isn’t the Bible in Chronological Order?

Scholars and joe-church members have wrestled with the organization of the Bible’s stories for millennia. Already in 160 A.D., Tatian had written the Diatessaron (meaning “Through Four, One”)–an attempt to harmonize the events of the four different Gospels into one long, chronological story. Prominent churchmen like Augustine and John Calvin have also tried their hand at gospel harmonization,Continue reading “Why Isn’t the Bible in Chronological Order?”

Predestination Is a Doctrine for Your Daily Struggle

Think about the last time you were really struggling. Like really–as in you had a hard time rolling out of bed and facing the day. What truth do you cling to in those moments? When life is filled with defeat, and your spiritual walk feels like a slog, and you are facing opposition from allContinue reading “Predestination Is a Doctrine for Your Daily Struggle”

Divorcing Words from Meaning

When it comes to the Word of God, both conservatives and liberals believe in divorce–the divorce of words from meaning. Conservatives divorce them in this way: the primary function of words is to aid in determining authorial intention. Meaning lies in the author’s intentions. The words are an aid in the discovery, but do notContinue reading “Divorcing Words from Meaning”

The Curious Case of Benjamin

I have this annoying quirk where I can’t let the particulars of Scripture go. When the Bible gets descriptive, there must be some significance beyond satisfying mere curiosity. There are no throw away parts of Scripture, no parts that are just for your information. Unexpected details get my wheels churning. When it comes to myContinue reading “The Curious Case of Benjamin”